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Go DRO PROS for discount Fagor Newall and Easson kits!

Click above to watch the ES10-3M5 3 axis Milling Machine DRO in action!

DRO PROS is currently filming an operations video for the ES10-3M5. Stay tuned and come back for more updates.

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DRO PROS sells Newall, Easson and Fagor Digital Readout kits starting at only $599!

Call Toll Free now at 1-877-628-6028 for all your digital readout needs!


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 Newall M20 Mill and Lathe DRO

Click HERE for NEWALL M20

Only $749


Easson Mill DRO

Click HERE for EASSON Mill kit

 Only $599!


Easson Lathe DRO

Click HERE for EASSON Lathe kit Only $599!



 Fagor Mill and Lathe DRO

Click HERE for FAGOR Mill kits!

Click HERE for FAGOR Lathe kits!

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DRO Training Interactive Easson Tutorial DVDDRO PROS Latest Products


ES10 Training Video - Regular Price $89.95

Only $9.95 when purchased with kit!

DRO PROS has always been on the forefront of providing our customers the best service and support in the industry, and this time we've done it again! This interactive DVD covers all functions of your ES10 display. Forget complicated manuals - this DVD covers it all!


Our Newest DRO - The Newall M20


Newall M20 Mill and Lathe DRO07/01/08 DRO PROS is proud to announce a revolutionary change to digital readouts as you know them - introducing the NEWALL M20. With the industries lowest profile reader head, the M20 is sure to go where no other system has dared to tread! Further, the amazing M20 scales do not contain glass, can be easily cut to precisely fit your machine, is unaffected by dirt, grease, water and oil but most incredibly can be completelyNewall M20 Magnathin magnetic scales submersed as they carry a full IP-67 rating! The kit carries a suggested retail of $895 but DRO PROS introductory price is only $749. Get them while you can, we expect these to run out of stock very quickly! Want to see more? Click HERE to see the NEWALL M20.



DRO PROS Latest Videos


Easson video How to Choose DRO Scales

How to Choose Scales for a Digital Readout

This video illustrates how to measure and choose scales for a digital readout. Attention is given to illustrate the different parts and mechanical limits of a digital scale.

(Click HERE or on the video to play)



Easson video ES10 ARC Machining function

ARC Machining

Rounding a corner or machining an arc on your workpiece has never been easier. The Easson ES10-3M5 digital readout makes it easy, follow along as it puts an outside radius arc on our workpiece!

(Click HERE or on the video to play)




Easson video ES10 Bolt Hole Circle function

'Bolt Hole Circle' Function

This DRO PROS video demonstrates the 'Bolt Hole' function of an Easson ES10-3M5 digital readout. Bolt Hole, or PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) allows an operator to place a series of holes evenly around a central point.

(Click HERE or on the video to play)




Easson video ES10 Incline Tool Position function

'Incline Tool Position' Function

Have you ever had to angle your workpiece on your mill table? This video demonstrates how you can accurately position the workpiece at any angle on the work table. Remember, Incline Tool Position also gives the operator an incline function for machining parts positioned on an inclined surface.

(Click HERE or on the video to play)



Easson video ES10 DRO Overview


Easson ES10 Digital Readout Overview

This video gives an excellent overview of the Easson ES10 digital readout. Display functions and setup parameters are covered.

(Click HERE or on the video to play)



Easson video Reference Datum SDM feature


199 Reference or Sub Datum Memory (SDM) Points

Are you doing any sort of repetitive machining? Wouldn't it be great to be able to create exact copies of your original workpiece? Well now you can - either enter your points as you move to them on your workpiece or simply enter them in a list format - the choice is yours!

Click HERE or on the video to play)


Easson video Line Hole Position function


'Line Hole Position' Function

This video demonstrates the 'Line Hole Position' function. This capability is used to place a series of holes in a straight line, even when canted at an angle.

(Click HERE or on the video to play)



Easson video Parameters Setup


ES10 Parameters Setup Video

Although setting up the ES10 is already quite easy, this video makes it a snap! All setup parameters are explored in detail, making setting up your DRO easier than ever!

Click HERE or on the video to play)



Easson video Power Off Memory Function


Power Off Memory (aka Ref Datum Memory)

Demonstrates how to recover the zero point of your workpiece after a power loss or the table is accidentally moved with power off.

(Click HERE or on the video to play)



Easson video how to use CenterFind function


Easson ES10 Centerfind Video

This video illustrates the centerfind feature of an EASSON ES10 digital readout. Easily locate the center of your workpiece with the ES10!

Click HERE or on the video to play)



Easson video how to reverse scales read direction


How to Reverse Scale Direction

Is your scale reading in the wrong direction? This video illustrates how to reverse a digital scales 'read' direction.

Click HERE or on the video to play)






HELP! Easson vs. Newall vs. Fagor - How Do I Choose the Right DRO Kit?


To start with, all DRO PROS kits are quality built to do the job right. However, with that said, each kit has it's own unique advantages. We know that choosing a DRO kit can be difficult, so in our endeavor to help our customers we've developed the following chart. While we try to be as impartial as we can, our interaction with our customers and their feedback has certainly influenced us greatly in forming our "opinions". Please keep in mind that every installation is different, only you can know what's best for your particular installation.  


Easson vs. Newall vs. Fagor

  Easson  Newall Fagor
Popularity with Customers / Units Sold ··· ·· ·
Price ··· ·· ·
Ease of Use - How intuitive (simple) is it to operate? ··· ·· ·
Brackets & Hardware - Machine specific? · ·· ···
Overall Build Quality ··· ··· ···
Owners Manual - Thoroughness, easy to understand? ·· ··· ···
Training available, ie Video tutorials ··· · ·







PROS: The strongest advantage of the Easson is it's ease of use. Our most popular DRO kit by far. While the quality of the Easson is every bit as good as the others, it's price continues to be the lowest of the bunch, meaning it's also the best value DRO we sell. Another potential advantage is the display size. The Easson display is over 12" across. Because of the larger front panel, most all of the Easson's functions (ie bolt hole, line hole, centerfind etc.) have dedicated function buttons on the front. This makes the Easson a truly "walk up and operate" type of digital readout.

CONS: The Easson brackets are "universal" angle brackets. For most customers, they work just fine. They are, however, fairly basic and you may have to drill additional holes in them to custom fit your machine. Remember, you only deal with brackets once, and when your scales are finally mounted, you're done forever. So for most folks, this is not an issue. Finally, the Easson manual is thorough, but is translated. It's translated well, but not so well you wouldn't ever notice. This slight disadvantage is more than offset by the tremendous amount of video tutorials and training DVD we've released for the Easson systems, so again we would count this as only a slight negative.

COMMENTS: While Easson has been producing Digital Readouts for nearly 20 years now, Easson admittedly does not yet have the brand name recognition that Newall and Fagor do. Consequently, while the build quality is as good or better than the competition, the price remains lower, which confuses many customers as they try to equate price vs. quality. Lastly, many customers mistakenly think the Easson display is plastic, which it is not. It is cast metal and extremely durable.

WHY YOU WOULD CHOOSE EASSON: You want the best quality, easy to use DRO which happens to be the most affordable and popular DRO we've ever offered.

SUMMARY: Easson continues to be the most popular, easy to use DRO system we have. If you're looking for excellent quality but also want the best value for your dollar, this is your kit.



PROS: Beyond anything else, Newall has brand name recognition. Additionally, the M20 kit has some potential advantages you should be aware of. With the thinnest scales we've ever seen (only .4" tall) the Newall's magnetic scales can fit where other scales can't. Depending on your particular installation, this may or may not be a deal-breaker by itself. If you run coolant, you should know the scales carry a full IP-67 rating, meaning they are submersible and impervious to grease, oils, and coolant. If that wasn't enough, the scales are magnetic, not glass, and can be easily cut to the desired length. As the reader head is a magnetic "non-contact" design, the reader head is not attached to the scale body, which means installation is much easier also.

CONS: Currently only available in 2 axis kits. Longest travel scale available is 40". Display head is easy to use, but not quite as easy as the Easson. COMMENTS: Excellent build quality, excellent manual. If you don't need a "low-profile" installation, the thin scales will not present an advantage over standard size glass scales. In day to day operations, glass scales, if properly installed, work exceptionally well and are not prone to being contaminated by coolant. The primary advantage we can see with these scales is when mounting on a lathe where coolant is used. Often times the cross-slide leaves little mounting room to properly mount a scale shield when utilyzing glass scales. In this case, using a magnetic scale that is impervious to coolant would be a considerable advantage.

WHY YOU WOULD CHOOSE NEWALL: If you have an installation requiring a low profile DRO or are mounting on a mill or lathe where the scales would get exposed to coolant, this is the kit to buy. You may also choose this kit because you recognize the Newall name and are willing to pay a little more for it.

SUMMARY: Newalls M20 kit is amazing and we're hoping to see a 3 axis kit in the future



PROS: Fagor enjoys loyal brand name recognition. The build quality and packaging of the kit is first rate. The bracketry and hardware supplied by Fagor is exceptional.

CONS: Expensive. Fagor's Innova display is a smaller, more compact display, so most of the functions are accessed through a push-button menu driven system. Some users find this design frustrating and difficult to use. The comment we hear most often is "Sure do need to keep the manual close by".

COMMENTS: We feel the Fagor Innova series could use a redesign of the front panel, especially adding more function buttons.

WHY YOU WOULD CHOOSE FAGOR: You've used Fagor in the past and don't want to change, even if the alternative is cheaper and easier to use.

SUMMARY: Fagor is a quality built DRO, but is being challenged by many less-expensive, easier to use DRO's.


Once you've decided between Easson, Newall or Fagor then it's time to measure the travel on your machine. We have an excellent video called "Choosing Your Scales" which is very helpful and can be found on our Video page HERE. There's also some good information located on our Scales page located HERE. Another great resource is our DRO Wizard which can help guide you to the right decision for you - He can be found by clicking HERE. Finally, once you've measured the travel on your machine, simply order online and/or give us a call!




DRO Display Fagor Newall Easson ComparisonDRO Display Fagor Newall Easson Comparison








































Why should I buy from DRO PROS?

"I think I can save $50 and get a cheaper unit on eBay..."


Our goal is to provide our customers the best value DRO products on the market


In order to achieve this goal, we pledge the following three "Reasons to buy from DRO PROS":


DRO PROS WarrantyNumber 1 reason to buy from DRO PROS: Get a written, 1 Year USA Warranty. We proudly stand behind all of our products with a written, 1 Year USA warranty. Click HERE to view our written warranty that comes standard with every product we sell. Beware of sellers with only verbal or 30 day warranties - if they don't expect it to last, then most likely it won't! Unlike some other companies, we will not give you the runaround or require you to send your part overseas for warranty repair. Have a problem? Call us and we'll solve it. Five Year Warrantees are also available. Buy from DRO PROS and we'll support you!


Number 2 reason to buy from DRO PROS: We answer our phones. Good luck understanding or getting ahold of the "other guys". We hear this every day - "I bought a DRO from the "other guys" but when I got it one of the scales is too long - now I'm stuck with it and he's not returning my phone calls..." We all know you get what you pay for. Buying a DRO without proper support or tech help is simply not a good idea.


Number 3 reason to buy from DRO PROS: You'll get it fast. We carry our own inventory of Easson and Newall products on site, in the USA, not overseas. This means we ship our products the same or next day at the latest, depending on what time you place the order. This means you get your order in 2-3 days, not 2-3 months. Check out what customers say about the "other guys": "Had no inventory, slow shipping...", "somewhat slow on the shipping though", "slow shipping, no returned phone calls", "slow shipping from supplier". This is not the type of service you'll get from DRO PROS.

At DRO PROS we get daily emails from suppliers wanting us to hawk their digital readouts. We literally travel worldwide to seek out the best deals for you, our customer. International Trade Show in Beijing? Been there. Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, you name it, we've been there. And guess what? Our selection of digital readouts represents the finest we've found. Anywhere. Trust us when we say you get what you pay for. We could choose to sell the same DRO's you see on eBay for $50 less, but we choose not to, because we know they won't last and ultimately will cause us and our customers frustration. Still don't believe us? Take a look here at the insides of a very popular DRO currently sold on eBay under various brand names:


 Beware inferior quality DRO's!      Poor quality connection found on ebay 'deal'  

(Click on images to enlarge)


Notice how the traces between the touch pads are simply taped in place by hand from leftover scraps - obviously this is much cheaper to manufacture, but how do you suppose this type of display is going to hold up on your machine? As they say, Caveat Emptor or 'Buyer Beware'.


Hopefully this information will help you, our Customer, when choosing your DRO system. Take your time, choose wisely.


What can a DRO do for me?

A digital readout system digitally displays a machine tool's exact position on an electronic display board. A DRO can greatly simplify your work, save time, reduce costly mistakes and allow you to produce more accurate, exacting parts. The DRO unit keeps precise track of toolbit position in all 3 axis - back and forth (x axis), fore and aft (y axis), and up and down (z axis). Without a DRO system, an operator must count the number of hand wheel revolutions to determine exact position of a tool head against the table. For example, some milling machine leadscrews are graduated at 16 threads per inch (TPI), which means that for every turn of the hand wheel the table moves 1/16” (.0625), therefore it takes 16 turns to move the table exactly 1”. Other machines are calibrated at 10 TPI, meaning it takes 10 hand wheel revolutions for the table to travel an inch. On the Z axis, it is typical for each division to represent .002”, where one full revolution is equal to .060”. Needless to say, it can quickly become quite confusing! The bottom line is that with a digital display, the days of counting hand wheel revolutions are over!


In summary, a machine equipped with a digital readout (DRO) is easier to use, less frustrating, and can save the operator many hours in setup and operation time. No more counting turns of the dial - simply turn the display on and you’re ready to go - the DRO keeps track of position even after a power shortage!


Looking for just a scale? DRO PROS sells parts too...

A majority of our sales are in the form of kits, but we also sell individual components too. We sell DRO kits for Lathes, Milling Machines, Borers, Grinders, Wirecut Machines and EDM's. If you simply need a replacement scale for your existing display, odds are we can help. Most scales are wired universally, for more information please check our scales page.


Remember, all kits include everything you need - the display head, mounting arm, power cord, detailed instruction manual, standard length scales (up to 800mm for Easson kits and 1,020mm for Fagor kits), shields, mounting hardware, brackets, etc. For oversize scales, please refer to our 'Scales' page for more details.




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DRO PROS sells Newall, Easson and Fagor Digital Readout kits starting at only $599!

Call Toll Free now at 1-877-628-6028 for all your digital readout needs!


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